wind mitigation, 4 points

So now that homeowners will be forced out of citizens insurance (unless they read their mail and opt out) will the homeowner be required to get a new 4 point or roof certification.

I predict the form business is going to get lucrative if these insurance companies have their own criteria. :roll:

Many will just move to the new company, no changes needed. Some will read it and decide to shop it and then the new wind mits and four points come into play.

If they have the newest forms I would think by the 5 year writing on the bottom of the form “iF” it is still there they should be OK.

I hear from a little birdie, that after the policy is switched over, a few months later, the inspections will begin… “just for the file”. At which time, things will have to be replaced/repaired, or increased premiums will result.

Fortunately for my clients, the 5-6 page forms I use for 4-points and the 12 page wind mit form with all pictures labeled for both inspections, they should be fine.

I guess doing more pays off in the end, at least for the clients. :smiley:

You are LOONIE for doing 12 pAGE WIND MITS.


It is F-cking stupid. Labeling pictures is NOT NECESSARY. I never do it and I “Think” I do way more than you. NEVER A PROBLEM.

You foolish inspectors that keep adding stuff and fluff are f-cking idiots and are digging you own graves.

Keep sucking the a s s e s of the insurances companies and their will be one STANDARD AND one PRICE. WAKE THE F-CK UP.

I’ll start from the bottom and work my way up.

I don’t suck anyones ***, including insurance agents.
What grave are you referring to? Increasing the profit on each home inspection by at a minimum, $150.00?
I label pictures, because, they are pre-labeled on my form. When I take the picture with my phone, I click the box and insert the picture where the label is. It takes no more time to do it.

The form requires that all discounts have a picture. Since they are already labeled, all I am doing is slotting them where they belong.

Please explain to me how I am trying to get anyone to “waste their time and money”.

I have had several agents call and say “thank you for the report in a clear, concise manner. It is quite different than the “hodgepodge” reports we get on occasion.”

So the guy who wants out of the business and can not make any money…

… is telling you how to run your business?


I am sure I will take his advise under consideration…then place it firmly in the bottom of the round file… :wink:

I did not mean you were an a s s sucker sorry if I inferred that. John yeah you no. The rest I may go thru the hassle when I get the time. Doing more than absolutely necessary makes insurance idiots think it is what is required. These inspections should be completed in the fastest most efficient way with just what is needed to get the job done. Anything else is useless and a waste of time and money.

Boy I hope John doesn’t want to kick my a s s now like linus’s HE he ha ha. I would love him to take a poke at me anytime any place.


I do think you are screwing the biz by trying to standardize the insurance inspections. That is just my personal opinion. When they are all done the same they all cost the same. Simple economics.

Hey Meeker!
Watch and learn…

I’ll check it out when I get the chance. Coming from you I am a Tad suspicious but will look. Happy holiday :slight_smile:

I would bet you any amount of money, I could do any of the insurance inspections faster than you. And I mean, start to finish including report delivery.

How am I “screwing the biz”? You seem to forget, I have been doing this for 25 years. The only people that get screwed, are those which I take jobs from, and the easiest way to do that, is to point out to my prospective clients,where others are lacking. You and others who do the bare minimum, make it very, very, easy. Keep doing what you are doing and everyone else please follow Mikes business plan…I want to retire in 2 years! :smiley: :smiley:

I wish you luck and hope to do the same :slight_smile:
GOod luck in this economy.
Go OBAMA " your pal" his plans should all fall into place and have you covered no sweat :slight_smile:

It would appear that you are advocating for a “single standard” as well. Your standard and fee structure is just much lower than Eric’s.

The President isn’t my “pal”. Although I voted for him, I am not to crazy about some of his ideas.

I guess I should run for pres…

Legalize drugs, end all wars that we are involved in, and then, take that money and put it into education. Meanwhile, become a self-sufficient country and get away from the “Kmart business plan”.

Nope I want each inspector to do it all in their own manner. That is what will keep prices NON standardized.

I am confused. Your post above seems to contradict your last post:

“Nope I want each inspector to do it all in their own manner. That is what will keep prices NON standardized.”

Which position are you advocating? Lower standards and lower fees, or clear, concise higher standards and higher fees? If taking your second position, why would you slam or berate inspectors that choose a higher level of reporting than you?

For the record, I agree with your second position that each inspector should do the inspections and reporting in their own manner. That scenario will surely keep pricing NON standardized.

Here is your answer Steve:

Going to probably lower it a little soon. :slight_smile: Help push others right out of it.
Thanks for the free ad.

Who are you going to push out of it?

You are welcome for the exposure…I think everyone should be exposed to it at least once… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: