Wind Mitigation Class at FABI Convention

The wind mitigation course will be offered on Friday, September 21, at 12.30 PM. This is the time the class begins. Everyone should show up earlier for registration.

Everyone taking the class will receive CLIB credits for Citizens and 3 CEU credit hours.The course will last 3 hours and then there will be a 1 hour test.

The location is the Ft Lauderdale Marriot North located at 6650 N Andrews Ave. Ft Lauderdale Fl.
The cost is $50.00. (free for FABI members)
Registration must be done at the FABI web site

Here is the registration form: Registration form

If anyone has any questions they can call Sunni at the office 1-800-544-3224.

Thanks for posting this Eric.


Your welcome. It looks like I will be able to attend so if you are going to be there, I look forward to seeing you. From what I hear, others are looking forward to meeting me! :shock: :shock:
Maybe I should bring a bodyguard! :mrgreen:


Thanks Eric for the wind info


I’ll do it for a consultation fee :smiley:

I’am just joking and am sure you can handle yourself.


I fear that you wouldn’t be so much of a bodyguard, maybe just a richer target!! (or bait!!)

That part for sure.

When I was younger I was pretty darn tough and had a lot of martial arts training.

Now I am older and would rather shoot than fight :slight_smile: I can still hit what I shoot at :slight_smile: