Wind Mitigation Condo Unit versus Condo Building

Is this correct?
Wind Mitigation Inspection

  1. Condo building 4 stories and greater cannot be done by a licensed Home Inspector. MIT-BT II & III (8/2008)

  2. Individual Condo unit can be done by licensed Home Inspector using form 1802

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Excellent question… the 3rd floor unit is no different than the 20th floor unit.

Not always true. Check with the agent/carrier for the answer. Some carriers want the individual WM on the 1802 for any floor, but Citizens, usually wants both the individual and the association policy on the MIT II-III form if the building is more than 3 floors, including a parking garage.

Home inspectors and residential contractors can not fill out the MIT II-III.

All I have ever been asked for is 1802. Always make them email you what they want so they cannot say different later :slight_smile:

100% success rate with that method :slight_smile:

Always ask the agent what form they need.

HIs and RCs can fill out the 1802

BCs and GCs can fill out the 1802 and MIT II/III

We fill-out both most times unless the HOA covers the building.

John, this is the best approach to any Condo, problem is the majority of Agents have no idea which report they need. Some seem to retain the info once we pass along to them, others aren’t as focused. But good advice.