Wind Mitigation Discounts

Here is another piece of the puzzle. Things are going to get interesting in the next couple of year.


This is just the tip of the ice berg. The insurance companies are pissed about having to give out all of these discounts. It has cost them billions (not to say they cannot afford it). I feel sorry for all of the suckers who have filled out those windstorm mitigation forms wrong and allowing credits where there should be none. When we have a hurricane, the first thing they are going to do is check those reports. If they are wrong, guess who is going to be getting a call. YEP - the inspector, not only from the insurance company because they are now going to be held responsible for a wrong report, but also from the client because now he is not covered. More jail space may be needed in the state.

I guess one of those “old timers” may have been right!

From JH in 8/2006:

If you perform this type of inspection and you are wrong or miss something
with regard to safeguarding these houses and fill out a document so that your
clients can get reductions in their insurance premiums if or when a windstorm
occurs guess who will be paying for the repairs??


Why? Because the insurance industry is going to subjugate damages to you.
They will first pay the claim to your client and then sue you for their loss.

It happened on several instances and cases and the most recent windstorms
currently the insurance industry is even going after the contractors who built
these buildings that do not meet the code

I have also heard that the insurance companies are hiring their own inspectors to go out and do quality control on some of the reports that have been turned in. This should get interesting.

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