Wind Mitigation - Expired NOA

We have all come across them and I have talked with several of you, but I would like to know how everybody handles a wind mitigation with an expired NOA.

Example 1 is that the NOA expired 12-31-2014 and product complies with TAS 201, 202, and 203

Example 2 has SFBC approval for 133mph winds and Miami Dade Approval expired 02-15-2004

How would you mark the 2 of them on the OIR-B1-1802?

Pretty simple…If the product had a valid NOA or approval at the time of installation, then it is good to go on the 1802. Most products get renewed anyway if they still manufacture them.

How would everyone handle this Shutter Certification?

Looks ok to me…DCA. Were the panels stored on site and not corroded?

The certificate from the installer, in and of itself is no good. However, it does give you the N.O.A. for the shutters. As long as the shutters are stamped they are fine. Just need separate verification for front and garage doors.
Expired N.O.A.'s are fine…as long as they were valid at time of installation.

That cert has the site address on it. I think that will be ok with the underwriter, but a stamp on the panel is best. I don’t know if labeling was required in 1997. That NOA is long gone, even on Approval Zoom.

They were required to be Dade County Approved, so would have had a stamp. Pretty sure that’s how MetalTech did their panels. Although a sticker would also work.

In this case, there was no stamp or label for the panels. The underwriter did in fact accept the document with a permit number. Had there been no permit pulled, they said they would not approve it…

That’s good information there. So, as it turns out the
“permit” number for the panels win the approval of this underwriter. Good to know. Thanks for sharing.


Where have I read that before? :mrgreen:

So which document had permit number on it?

There’s more than one way for an approval to expire, and you would need to know how to read it to determine that (both FLPA and NOA). Also, these approves are for use statewide with exceptions as not all FLPA panels can be used in zones 4 and 5, only 9lbs rated. Remember, when it comes to impact protection, there is no HVHZ only zones 4 and 5.

You can have a regional or one-use approval that would not have NOA sheets or FLPA like you would expect to see. These products are for use in the single approved case, they can not be used statewide. This is rare as it would severely limit a products use, you generally only see it on custom doors or site built windows.

But to answer your question specifically, an approval can be invalid far before it’s actual expiration date if it runs throughout a code cycle change and isn’t compliant or revised to meet the new code. NOA/FLPA must be compliant with the current code cycle, or they are invalid. Most entities submit an Engineers letter stating compliance with the new code cycle…but you have to check.

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