Wind Mitigation feature

Would the roof geometry be a complex or a hip roof. The hip feature is attached to the gable sides. also would this roof to wall connection be counted for a wind mitigation?

Roof is either classified as hip, or other according to the form. You have to count that as a non hip feature.

All connections get counted. Just depends as what. You need to read the form carefully and it will tell you what the qualifications for a toe nail, clip, and strap are. Once you read it you should have your answer.

None Hip
wall to wall connection is toe nail…the strap does not go over the rafter assuming is a framed exterior wall

Other as far as I am concerned and NO that RTW is useless.

No offense intended but have you taken a course or done a wind mit before. Read the roof to wall section of the form carefully and it will tell you why that is no good.

If you do not understand why it is no good let me know and I will tell you but I think you will get it as soon as you read the form carefully.

Mits are intimidating at first but you will find them to be a cake walk in your area once you have a few more under your belt.

Good Luck.

A. Toe nail and

Metal connectors that do not meet the minimal conditions or requirements of B, C, or D


C .Other Roof for roof shape