Wind Mitigation for a 15 story high rise-72 units?

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I have to give a quote on a 15 floor highrise. I not sure how to perform a wind mitigation on the whole building. Could anyone give me information on pricing and the best way to perform this wind mitigation.


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Same as a regular wind mitigation, answer the questions in the boxes. If no attic access get on the roof an snap a few photos. It actually easier then doing a single family home. HI cannot do the commerical mit form but most people don’t even know that exists anyways.

Here’s the form (if you haven’t already, make sure you are qualified to complete the form)…

As far as the pricing is concerned, one thing to consider is what is needed to complete the Opening Protection part of the form. Depending on the protection they have or do not have, documentation available or not and who is responsible for the opening protection (the Association or each unit owner)…there may be very little to do or way more than you might realize.

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Can someone shed some light on this subject again? The form says All Opening Protection must be certified either Large or Small Missile. But the Openings are owned by each individual homeowner. My case is 240 apartment building 15 floor as well.

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Sorry, not in Wind Mit. area, so can’t help you there.

Doesn’t matter who owns what.
What is the weakest link?