Wind Mitigation for a 15 story high rise-72 units?

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I have to give a quote on a 15 floor highrise. I not sure how to perform a wind mitigation on the whole building. Could anyone give me information on pricing and the best way to perform this wind mitigation.


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Same as a regular wind mitigation, answer the questions in the boxes. If no attic access get on the roof an snap a few photos. It actually easier then doing a single family home. HI cannot do the commerical mit form but most people don’t even know that exists anyways.

Here’s the form (if you haven’t already, make sure you are qualified to complete the form)…

As far as the pricing is concerned, one thing to consider is what is needed to complete the Opening Protection part of the form. Depending on the protection they have or do not have, documentation available or not and who is responsible for the opening protection (the Association or each unit owner)…there may be very little to do or way more than you might realize.

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Can someone shed some light on this subject again? The form says All Opening Protection must be certified either Large or Small Missile. But the Openings are owned by each individual homeowner. My case is 240 apartment building 15 floor as well.

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Sorry, not in Wind Mit. area, so can’t help you there.

Doesn’t matter who owns what.
What is the weakest link?

Are you doing a master wind mitigation inspection for the building or doing each individual unit. The only time I’ve done a wind mitigation on a high rise is if the client had opening protection. Otherwise there is no information for me to put on the form. Everything is no attic access. If it’s a master HOA wind mitigation then you probably have a lot more work to do.

Turned out to be the whole building. And you are right, there is very little to put on the form. Roof deck and attachment that is all. The moment you find an apartment without opening protection you’re done.

A Type III building is any commercial building 4 or more stories.

The State of Florida, Office of Insurance Regulation, requires any person performing commercial wind mitigation inspections must be a Certified General Contractor, Registered Architect or Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Florida. Residential contractors, roofing contractors or home inspectors are not allowed to perform these inspections. Home inspectors should not perform any inspection of a commercial building for that matter as they do not possess the overall qualifications to serve the total need of a property owner.

You are allowed to certify the Opening Protection of the unit though. Most buildings of this type will have a Wind Mit on file , I always ask the GM or Property Manager to email me a copy and I attach it to my Openings Pics. Most new construction has Impact Grade protection on all openings, but there is alot of Pre 1994/2003 stuff out there. Easiest way to tell on a Multi Family Unit is to look at Opening Protection on other units, if it is dissimilar, than it is most likely Owners responsibility, if 100% alike, its usually in code and Building covered


You might want to offer individual wind mitigation if a unit has opening protection. Is there a newer roof permit?