Wind mitigation Form - Built 1997 or later

Okay, I researched the entire forum area and no one is answering the basic question. Under #2 Roof coverings, letter B, what doe the statement “the roof is original and built in 1997 or later.” mean? Is this before 1997 or after 1997. You can look at this both ways… 1997 or later could mean before 1997 because it is an older date. OR 1997 or later could mean 1997 and after meaning 1998, 1999… etc. Please let me know as soon as possible.

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- Later [noun combining form]

Definition of -later

  • after, afterward (or afterwards), latterly, subsequently, thereafter

Thank you and this is where I was headed. Just needed a Black Law Definition.

That’s a classification for the HVHZ.
The roof permit application date must be after 09-01-1994 and before 03-01-2002 OR built 1997 or later.

That is what I thought, but with the word OR, it destroys the logical thinking wanting to get it right.

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Your answer lies in question 1, Answer B, of the form.

For the HVHZ Only: Built in compliance with the SFBC-94: Year Built ______. For homes built in 1994, 1995, and 1996
provide a permit application with a date after 9/1/1994: Building Permit Application Date (MM/DD/YYYY) _______________

Homes built in 1997, are “assumed” to be permitted after 9/1/1994.
I have found many homes built in 1996/1997, with a permit application day prior to 9/1/1994. Especially, in Pembroke Pines.