Wind Mitigation Form (Trouble filling out with MS Word)

I just got Microsoft Office 365 and I’m trying to use MS Word to fill out the OIR-B1-1802 Doc form.

Where it first asks you “Inspectors Initials _____ Property Address____”, it allows me to edit and input the information, but every other time it asks is greyed out and will not allow me to make edits or input.

I assumed it would automatically fill out the other sections after filling out the first one but it does not. I’ve tried it with both the “.pdf” and “.doc” versions.

Anyone else experiencing this issue and/or know a way to correct this?

For now I guess I have to do it old school and do it all by hand and scan it in.

Just use a fillable PDF, no need for MS Word for simple forms like these.
Plenty of choices to pick from, FYI.


I was able to just copy and paste the form into a blank doc file. Had to mess with the spacing a little to make it work but it should do. No content changed.