Wind Mitigation form

Here is my latest wind mitigation form. Check out the plus button on the bottom of the last page. Thanks to Michael Koester for the script and inspiration to put it together. Feel free to make comments, I have not fully tested it yet.

Thnx john . Your a visionary for sure

I can’t open it in Adobe Reader or Acrobat, I just get a warning message that I need to download Adobe.

I couldn’t open it either.

Wasn’t able to open either. Can it be you created this in PDF Expert John and maybe that’s why it won’t open?


Hi John,

I cant access it either, the message looks like this

Yep that’s the one I got too.

I got the same message too.

It does not open it in anything but adobe acrobat, it will not open in other viewers.

I added an extended rights version

Which adobe were you using?

Getting the same message again. Wont open, I tried a couple of other readers and got the same message.

Thanks Dennis

Doesn’t Open

I made it in Adobe X Pro. It works well on my end. Anyone have a full Adobe to test it on. I as sure it is the scripts.


Just spit-balling here, I dont know if this is a problem with the link, but sometimes PDFs created directly in Adobe Live Cycle cause this problem or message to be seen. Once your PDF is finished in Live Cycle print it to the Adobe PDF printer, and save it as a new PDF, maybe that would help.

Can not do that or all of the scripts would be lost, that would defeat the purpose of this form.

I made this form so you could add the exact number of picture pages you needed on the fly with the click of a button. You click a button and another picture page appears.

Doesn’t open with Acrobat 9.

John, I’m using Adobe X Professional as well and can’t open it also. I’m not computer savvy enough to tell why though. Sounds like it’s a very useful script from what you’ve described. Thanks.


Now that is interesting because it is made in X Pro

Okay so here’s what I did to get it to work. I first saved it to my desktop. Then I right clicked the link and told it to open with: Adobe Acrobat.

Then it opened up a dialogue box that said (I kid you not) that it was written using a chineese language pack and I needed to load that before being able to view it. So I said okay and Adobe opened and performed it’s thing and loaded the language pack and Viola! I now am able to view and use the form. Nice work John. Looks very good.