Wind Mitigation Inspectors

How do you carry your MT-6?

How would you like to carry your MT-6?

What is the biggest problem carrying your MT-6?

What is your best advice for carrying your MT-6?

Have you found anything that can replace the MT-6?

Hows this for an non-confrontational thread?

I would love your opinions as I am seeking a better methods than my back pocket or a pouch on my side that does not fit to well.

Are there any other tools that you use daily that you find to be a pain in the a s s like I do the MT-6?

Looking forward to you comments.

Certainly non-confrontational, along with a few other adjectives refrained at this moment…

I keep it, along with a clamp, markers,mask,ruler, towel in the back well under the floor in the Durango.

I put my ladder in place, open the hatch to see if I am even going to have to use the MT-6 and if needed, I bring all of the tools up, take the measurements then the pictures, and am done.

I can’t understand the need for a pouch. (non-confrontational, just saying I have never needed one)

If you really wanted to, you could drill a hole in it and run a rope through it to carry it around your neck… :smiley:
Added with edit: If it is a pain in the ***…you are using it wrong!

Everyone obviously has their own system. Have tried a couple different ways and we all know if homes were all the same it would be so much easier. I carry a bucket with a boot and try to place in a central location depending on type of inspection. Usually WM’s & 4 Pt’s my bucket stays near the attic opening in most cases in the garage. As you can see in my pictures it has many functions. I carry what I need up the ladder and put it all back when I am done. When it’s nice out or you are dirty or not invited in to finish the report my bucket doubles as a computer stand with a fold out chair that is small enough to fit in your back pocket.





This fits everything I need for a WM, comes on and off very easily.

Interesting keep them coming. I used to use a similar pocket but the little ruler and markers sometimes fell and the mt-6 never seemed snug enough.

Cargo pants side pocket .

I have just recently started using my xmas presents since it is the first time I started working since dec 11 :frowning: Its been a couple of weeks now and I have been using 511 tactical shorts. Mt in the back pocket.

I was wondering if anyone makes a holder especially for it you could clip on. Pouches do not tend to work too well for be because of the odd shape.

The one I have slips into your pocket or over your belt.
I believe the one posted from Home Depot does the same.
I got mine at Sears

I use a pouch that can clip to my waist band or tool belt. You can get these at Lowes or HD.

Everything needed, Zircon, rule, dept ruler, markers, and spare batteries.

I like that pouch Jay. I use a zippered pouch for it but keep it along with knee pads, respirator markers and rules with clamps in a small carry-on bag I take into the attic with me. May look into that pouch though you have.


I used to use that as well Jay. I am liking the 5.11 shorts better now :slight_smile:

Humberto, what kind of resprirator do you use and do you recommend it?

Sorry just got back on here Jay. This is what I use. Nothing too over the top but gets the job done…Buy the filters you need according to the intended use…


Here’s a good website for different safety related equipment as well…


Thank you Bert


Nice window graphic. Is that an interior sun shade graphic or full window decal?

Thank you, Full window decal.

Cool, thanks for the reply.