Wind Mitigation Missed Nails

Hey Guys,

I see this has been debated in several forums and i have read through them as well as interNACHIs recommendation of 4 or more on average in a 4 ft section across the entire roof… Here are some images of a wind mit I just did recently and want to see how you would rate this roof. I am inclined to rate it an E (with explanation) due to these images. Please let me know what you think here.

I had one like that on a 6 month old roof.
I advised them if I created a WindMit I would state the spacing is more than 12".
The roofer gave a dumb letter, basically saying he’s not doing anything & if the roof is damaged by a storm he’d come back for free…
I heard the owner’s agent hired “their guy” to give a soft report that would basically lie/commit fraud.

Looks like they backed those missed nails up.

The weakest link was more than 12 inches various areas.
I used my trusty detector that can pretty much pinpoint a very small area. There were areas that qualified for “more than 12”.
What type do you use Brad?
I find the popular but clumsy Zircon MT 6 not easy to carry around in the attic.
I use this little thingZircon MetalliScanner m40

I use the same one.

So the general consensus here is to mark it as over 12" giving the client an A on the wind mit even though it has 8d nails and unable to determine if they went back and renailed the missed shiner rafters? I was considering marking E too and listing “8d nails spaced at 6” but many missed nails throughout rafters". My mt6 scanner was still picking up the shiners through the 2x4 when I tried to check if it was renailed and the shiners just not removed.

Unless you can definitively verify that the missed nail run was backed up, you should assume that it wasn’t. All of those long missed lines would revert back to the original nailing (weakest attachment). When they get that bad throughout the roof, the selection should be “Other” with explanation.

E with explanation and inclusion of the apa guidelines for roof decking installation as well as the local building code for deck fastening.

Then tell the homeowner to call the building department and have the inspector go in the attic.

That should cause plenty of problems and you will never get called to do an inspection again…LOL!