wind mitigation question

I have a rectangular house that is about 40’ x 50’ .It is actually 210 linear feet for the perimeter. It is all hip. Then there is 16’ x 20’ roof section that extends out for a lanai that is mechanically attached to the roof. It has a little more than a 1 to 12 pitch to it and is roll roofed. Could I get an opinion on what you guys would mark this as. I’m not sure what they consider a flat. Thanks. Bill

If it is attached to the house roof system or is living space it is flat else; it does not count.
(Porches or carports that are attached only to the fascia or wall of the host structure and not structurally connected to the main roof system are not considered in the roof geometry determination.)

Hope that helps

“mechanically attached to the roof”

Please define or post a picture. If it is structurally attached, it’s flat.

The fact that it is pitched doesn’t matter? That is my real issue. I will try to add the picture but it is certainly mechanically connected to the roof.

At what pitch contitutes a flat or a slope. I know a 2/12 or below can not be shingled. A 1/12 is probably right around the crossover point but was unable to research. Thanks.

I should check my facts before I write this. But, I believe that less than 3 on 12 is considered flat.

2:12 or less is flat
2.5:12 is low slope

john is right

That sounds right. Thanks. You guys are great.

Bill Yorks class discussed this issue. It was determined that a 2:12 slope or less is considered flat. Since this roof is structurally attached to the house roof then you need to checkthe 10% rule (or 100 s.f.). Since this lanai roof is considered flat, and it exceeds 10% of the total roof area, then the entire roof is considered flat.

Great info. Thanks.