Wind Mitigation question

Per my training (3 years ago) I was taught that when determining a hip from gable roof that any gable less than four feet at the peak did not figure into the equation. Inspected a dutch hip roof with 3 gables all less than four feet but in measuring them side to side they are greater than 10% of the perimeter. Called it a hip. Underwriter told me it does not matter whether they are less than four feet and must be part of the equation. Did I miss something? Thanks Rick

All gables are less than 4 feet at the peak. Please explain what you mean.

The underwriter is correct.

The rules keep changing. You are supposed to take a CLIB approved class every year.

From the centerpoint bottom of gable measured to the peak, at least in my area ,is most times over four feet. Is the less than four foot gable still in effect?

Rick you need to re do your training, the 4’ rule has not been in affect for years.

And the 4’ rule only dealt with gable bracing, not roof shape.

The MSFH program usually ignored gables less than four feet for calculations of shape and bracing. That was several forms and classes ago though. We now measure all roof shapes.

I don’t know about the MSFH inspection guidelines, but do I remember the original 1802 didn’t address gable height for roof shape. The only reference was if the non-hip section was less that 50% of the main wall, then it was not included. I was a MSFH contractor and did a few gable end bracing jobs, but did not have to reinforce gable ends taller than 4 feet. This complied with the 2007 mitigation retrofit manual. Just a little history…

Bradley, it was the other way round! Gable ends less than 4 feet required no additional bracing, those more than 4 feet did!