Wind Mitigation regarding shingle overlay

I need some guidance please. I Did a wind mitigation inspection today on a 45 year old single story residential home. It had been re-roofed in 2005 but as a roof overlay. The question is, does an overlay roof job still qualify for section 2A?

Paul, yes it would qualify as a new roof - as long as you have documentation, like a permit.
Did you check that out?
I wouldn’t give credit if there was no permit.

If you’re not sure, I have a Buildfax subscription & can do up to 150 searches monthly.
If you want to, send me the address & I’ll send you back a report. :slight_smile:

Thanks Marc, and yes I tried researching the Permit, but Polk county records system is not user friendly (it sucks). I would be interested if Buildfax would find anything. If you get the chance look up 704 Bunker, Kissimmee, FL 34759. Thank you for your thoughts.

Nothing showing for a re-roof, or anything else.

BuildFax searched its national database of building permits,
and identified the following permit-issuing authority for 704 BUNKER LN KISSIMMEE FL 34759:
Polk County, Building Division 330 West Church Street
Bartow, FL 33830(863) 534-6080
Permit records searched between Apr 01, 1975 and Nov 30, 2018

Hmmmmmmm imagine that :smiley:

Nice of ya to do than Marc.

That’s great Marc! :lol: