Wind Mitigation Reinspections

They already insist on it and everybody round here gives it to them. :roll:

I look at it like, why not get on the list? If I am not going to get re-inspected then thats a HUGE plus on the competition. If I want to do the re-inspections then I can decide from there. But to dismiss the whole thing without seeing ANY of it come to fruition is not smart.

Worst case scenario, you say it sucks and never do one. If your IN at least you will have a choice. If your OUT then you will not.

Look at it this way. Home inspector (A) who is not on the preferred list does a wind mit and its partially wrong. Home Inspector (b) comes in an corrects it and its the final word.

The buyer is going to call the Realtor and say what a POS Inspector (A) was and could not perform the wind mit correctly and now their insurance is going up $300 a year and they would have never bought the house if they knew that (you know how dramatic people can be). So what do you think the Realtor is going to do? Do what they always do…recommend the one with least resistance, which will be the Inspector from the preferred list.

If you’re a part of it, you can have a choice. If not, well what do you think the re-inspectors will do? They will tear your report apart to #1 Look good & #2 justify their existence #3 make you look incompetent.

I myself like choices.

I guess it would depend on what it will cost to get on the “list” 98% of the Wind Mitigation inspections I perform are non-Citizens.

There lies the fundamental flaw with the “re-inspection” program. The insurance industry is touting the “re-inspection” program as a way to verify accuracy. In reality, everyone that is willing to admit it knows that the true intent of the “re-inspection” program is to deny discounts. The “re-inspectors” know this as well and will be sure to not bite the hand that feeds them.- all in the name of accuracy-of course.

Get them while you can. As the entire program has been and will continue to be a total cluster f@$k, look for the wind mitigation program to go away.

I agree Steve it will go away. But your right, the intent is to deny the discounts. But its real easy, it is what it is. If they are to get discounts, ok. If not then so be it. Being accurate is the name of the game and it will continue to be a cluster until the end of it.

Well — I’ll have to disagree. I don’t think the wind mit program will go away. It may be replaced with another form of verification, but insurance underwriters will always need to know intricate details of construction to properly evaluate their exposure to loss. It will never go away entirely. Think about this: If two identical houses were built next to one another with the exception that one had major hurricane protection and upgrades and the other did not, how would the insurance rates be determined if there wasn’t some type of inspection to verify or determine these differences. Would they both pay the same rate? That would surely be suicide for the insurance company, as there would be no added incentive for homeowners to protect their homes and belongings. The mentality of many homeowners is that if its insured, i’ m not worried about it. The insurance industry is based on statistical numbers, and the numbers show that offering discounts leads to added protection (and unfortunately some fraud). The law of large numbers spreads the burden of loss over many, and without incentives (lower rates) to protect homes, rates will need to be increased across the board to handle the increased exposure to insurance companies. Rate increases would spark consumer outcry which in turn would lead to some new discount program. Call it what you will, but i believe the it will always be called wind mitigation.

I dont think theyll scrap the program anytime soon. People have said the same about backflow inspections for years and they havent gone anywhere.

II have spoken to Dennis and others in regard to the issue. I have even made some calls and dug deeper on my own.

Slearly the old program was rife with fraud and corruption. I see nothing in the present system which will prevent what happened before. The insurance industry is naive in believing that administrators and management companies will prevent any of this, because in the end, the individual inspector is the differentiator.

The only way to prevent this type of graft is to open the field up to competition. Provide the training and certification, and allow anyone to do inspections and re-inspections.

My argument is to allow the inspector, who is prohibited from performing any work, to be the sole entity qualified to inspect. If a contractor wishes to perform a wind mit inspection (as an inspector) then they are prohibited from performing the work.

John S wrote:

If you want to participate and do RE-inspections you have to play by the rules of the people paying, and they are following the law and setting their own requirements.

Herein lies the key. ARE they REALLY following the law? I would start lobbying that this new system is simply more of the same, and that it is a dis-service to the public at large and the clients of Citizens. If one is qualified to perform a wind mit inspection, then one is qualified to perform a re-inspection. Re-inspections should be warranted on those inspections not performed by a certified individual. For that matter, the insurance industry should not pay for an inspection unless performed by a certified individual, and therefore would never require a re-inspection.

Further, I fail to see the reason why any of the administrators would need to go through a management company. Mueller Services utilized independents to perform insurance inspections for years.

If, in the end, inspectoors are prohibited from performing re-inspections, what will become of NACHI Management?

Being a contractor gets you in, but you still need to work under Mike Rowan or someone like NACHI Management who contracts from Mike Rowan… So NACHI Management will continue to provide reinspections but only for NACHI contractors, not NACHI Inspectors.

Got Nails?

Like I said, “same old horse with a different saddle” and you are not supposed to recognize it.

It is assumed by most that Licensed, trained HIs will be allowed to do re-inspections. The law just licensed HI and now allows for wind mits, given time it will allow re-inspections.

My point, the insurance companies, OIR, DBPR and re-inspection companies are following the law. If you want change, have the laws changed.

The insurance industry and contractors have a much stronger presence in Tallahassee, complaining on an Inspector board will not change anything in Inspectors favor. Inspectors need to stand together and work for change.

I agree with that John, people forget how long GC’s have had a construction licensing board and a voice Tallahassee.

What’s plan B? :roll:

It already is.
According to the law, Licensed home inspectors can do wmis. What is the re-inspection? A wmi.

I do know that inspectors have been pushed around for years. It is time to stand together. The recent licensing and approval from Citizens for Roof inspections and wind mits is a start. Together we should be pushing to do re-inspections and pushing contractors out of the inspections business. (yes I did just say that) I do not believe that a contractor (without proper training) should be allowed to do any kind of inspection. I have been saying this for years. If you want to talk more about it, call me.

Plan “B” Pile lost of money together and get a Lobbyist in Tallahassee…

Insurance company specific re-inspections

I think that Citizens is perverting the law without any true standing to justify it.

A re-inspection is an inspection. It is merely re-performing a wind mitigation inspection. They can call it what they want.

Now… someone wrote in one of these threads that the first go-'round, where inspectors got hosed, was against some law or something. Is this true?

If so, then this is just more of the same.

Want to make a change, Citizens???

Bar any person performing an initial inspection or re-inspection from performing any work on any home they inspect.

Make a #1 qualifier in your certification process that a) the inspector is primarily an inspector, 2) tag the inspection to HIM, and 3) prohibit the inspector from referring the inspection to a repair company AT ALL.

Want to end the graft and strife? Take a stand.

They are inspecting the exact same thing that was inspected the first time.
They can try to dress it up all they want, but it is the same inspection.

Citizens is not perverting the law, they are flat breaking it. Just as they have been since July until someone caught them.

And to continue the fraud, from the home inspection licensing law:

What is inspected in a four-point inspection?
What is inspected in a wind mitigation inspection?
What is inspected in a roof certification inspection?

The answers are in black and white.
Not only Citizens, but all of the insurance companies are breaking the law.
Furthermore, they are restricting the consumers right to pick their inspector and by recommending a so-called “preferred vendor” they are creating a conflict of interest.

Where does the paragraph in the middle of the back of the 1802 come from that allows an “employee” to perform an inspection ? It doesn’t even mention employee training.