Wind Mitigation - Roof to Wall Attachment (Single Wraps)

Hello InterNACHI Forum members. I would be grateful for your advice and input. I recently replaced my roof and in the process had new truss straps installed so I can get the insurance credit for roof to wall attachment. My roofer provided a free wind mitigation inspection which states that the weakest roof to wall attachment is single wraps.

A couple of weeks later, I submitted my wind mitigation report to my insurance company and was told that “the straps are old ones and were not installed correctly”, so I cannot get the roof to wall attachment credit for single wraps. I am a registered structural engineer, so I am aware that the installation (single tapcon in the bond beam) does not have much capacity. However, I cannot find any reference that defines the required attachment of the strap to the wall. I have attached pictures of the as-built condition along with a screen shot from my wind mitigation report. If any of you can please take a look at the pictures and let me know what is wrong with the straps and where I can find a reference that requires an alternate installation I would by grateful. I would like to show the installation requirements to my roofer and have them fix their work.

Thank you for your help!
Eric Bradford

The photo did not load. This is common practice and just because a roofer or contractor can sign a Wind Mit don’t mean they know how to do it right as well as other things.

Your best answer for attachement will come from the strap manufacture.

All of this should have been done before the work.
There should have been an engineers letter as well as an approved permit.

Here are the photos the OP attached. The retrofitted strap is not even close to being an approved installation. The original embedded strap could have been repaired by adding a properly secured 2x spacer block and adding sufficient nailing to the strap.

Your roofer is not allowed to install strap retrofits without a contractors license and a permit. It is now evident why this requirement is needed.


This from one of yesterdays inspections, owner paid the roofer to install clips…OPPPS:D
Man was he POed when i broke the news to him

toe nail.jpg

Wow! you would think before they take on a project like that they would do some homework to find out what is required. Not good to be in those contractors boots right now.