Wind Mitigation roof type question

I did a windmit on an apartment building that has a reinforced concrete roof deck with wood trusses (plywood sheathing and asphalt shingles) mounted on top. I’m not certain how to mark the wind mitigation form as to what roof type. I am fairly new to this business and this is my first time running across a structure of this kind. Does anyone have idea of how to mark the windmit for for this situation?

How can you have a reinforced concrete roof deck with plywood sheathing and shingles? Always go with the weakest decking material if you have more than one roof deck type.

I am pretty sure the builder did not take the expense to make a pure reinforced concrete roof deck only to take the additional expense of fastening wooden trusses and shingle overtop of it. If you had trusses and shingles, the roof is trusses and shingles.