Wind mitigation Section#4

Hi Guys!
I am doing the Internachi Wind Mitigation online course, and I am confused with something. In the section #4 roof to wall attachment, where do I classify a strap with a gap greater than 1/2 inch? Internachi mentioned A: Toe Nail (metal connector that do not meet the minimal conditions of B,C, or D.
And then later on… They mentioned F: Other.
What is the right answer?

Also, How many roof to wall attachment pictures should we provide with the report? Is one picture of both side (back and front) is enough?
Thank you for your help!

Jessica, you check A then the second box down. See attached pic…Easy peasy!
The number of pics I give it one for toe nails or clips… if it’s straps I give one of each side but take pics of two to three trusses for my records if it’s not too hard to reach there with my pole. I recommend you get a 12ft extension pole and attach a phone mount on it. Then download an app that takes pics with voice commands like “Hey Camera” if you have an iphone. Simple and no need for a bluetooth shutter button like I was using for a couple of years!
Stay safe!


Great recommendation! Thank you.

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Robert got it right. Good luck Jessica, I know it can be difficult but once you get the hang of it, it will be a piece of cake!

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