Wind Mitigation shutters

Good afternoon Internachi members.
I preformed a wind mitigation today and noticed all glazed openings had shutters in the garage. I could not verify the shutters because the engraving was so small. The shutters did look to be impact rated but I have no documentation. My gut on this one is to check N on the wind mit form is this the correct box to check?

With what you have “appears to be opening protection products”.
Any permit info?

HI Marc! Thank you for giving me some insite.
The house was built in 2015 and there is no permits for the shutters. They are stacked up in the garage and all window openings do have the pegs sticking out of the stucco around each window for attachment. Each shutter panel is thic corrugated metal but there is no documentation, I can barley make out the etching on the panel.

shutters.pdf (25.4 MB)

Im trying to upload a photo

You can rub a marker (or a pencil) across the stamped area, it highlights the writing.

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2015 most likely supplied by the builder as part of the original construction… did all the other houses have the same mounting hardware around the windows?