Wind Mitigation: Transfer of Credits


**Can existing wind mitigation credits on a home previously insured with Citizens be transferred from the previous owner to the new owner? **

· The only wind mitigation inspection reports that are transferrable to a new owner are inspection reports that were ordered and paid for by Citizens as part of our Inspection and Outreach Program. We will accept these Citizens re-inspections and apply the credits for the new owner.
· If the previous owner submitted a retail inspection report (in other words, an inspection purchased by the policyholder and conducted by an independent company), this report is not transferrable to the new owner. A new Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form (OIR-B1-1802(Rev. 01/12)) signed by the new owner is required to obtain credits.

Good. except theirs should have to be redone as well. but they make the rules so they will only do what benefits them.

Wow. There’s something we agree on. :shock:

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once and a while :slight_smile:

I just got lucky like the squirrel.

I was just about to post a question about this and came across this old post from a google search. Were these two bullet points from a Citizens document that I can obtain, or is it just generally known information? I have a client wanting to transfer a 2013 inspection to his name because his mother just passed away and he inherited the house. I was told that you should not transfer names of reports to new owners but could never find any proof on why.

At my last count, here are over 75 different insurers in Florida that offer wind coverage. This post is specific to just one of those insurers. You would need to contact your insurer to answer that question as this post will be answered by inspectors, not insurers.

Nevermind. I tried the link and it did not work, but I was able to google the form ID and found the pdf. Thank You!

While I can’t answer your question as an insurer, I can provide you with a little more insight into why an insurer may not accept a form transferred from one owner to another (even if it is family).

On page 4 of the form it is required that the “homeowner” sign the document, certifying under penalty of a misdemeanor offense, that they did in fact witness the inspector performing the inspection and that “proof of identification” was provided to the homeowner by the inspector.

This section was added to the form in 2010 to help eliminate fraud (rule 690-170.0155, March 9th, 2010). Can’t see that it’s really helped much, but it’s there.

But, as I stated earlier, you should check with your specific insurer….they seem to be doing whatever they want anyway.

I have never seen it transferred.