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What is going to take to get some since into these inspectors to get together with a consistent price, work together and get the b–ls to fight the state so qualified inspectors (like us) can do the jobs.

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I wonder if we can do something thru the state chapter to get some uniformity and capture the market on these? Any comments?

What qualifications do you have to do them?

I think the state chapter is working on this, but we as independent inspectors need to work together and with NACHI to at least try to have a price that will work for all.

Your are getting close to price setting here and that could be a problem

The state has already set the price through the MSFH program. There is no reason for anyone to be performing these for less than what the state pays a WCE.

It is going to be hard to do this through the state chapter since only a few members will qualify. We need to set up a separate group to promote these throughout the state. I love doing them. I would much rather do 20 of these a week then do 8 home inspections.

Business partner is a state cert. building inspector I am taking the test here in about two months for the ICC and then trying to schedule the P&P after that

This is something I would like to start doing. I also posted this question on another post but can anyone give me some direction on getting more information or training to do these inspections?

I am a Licensed Residential contractor, my license is inactive and I recently passed the ICC commercial building inspector test.

We will not get them until some of these people who work for the WCE’s stop marketing for the WCE’s. The WCE’s did a terrible job of marketing them. If you remember only certain people got all the inspections. They were the ones take hung on every word the company said and hung out at their office. Now they have these people going door to door marketing for them. One inspector even took out an ad in the newspaper. Instead of getting full price for the inspection they get half and the WCE gets half. If they would stop that and just let the states free inspection die we would get them. I just laugh that someone would market for another company, do the work and give them half the money. They are making nothing if you take the marketing and gas money.

Maybe this letter & exhibits (attachments) from a South Florida Attorney to multiple government officials may shed some light on the issues with My Safe Florida Homes, the WCE’s and the battle that is being fought to preserve our constitutional right to work while protecting the public interests and our tax dollars.

This was in response to a letter written by Florida’s CFO Alex Sink asking our State reps to revive the MSFH program.

Thanks to all, remember if you agree with the attached contact your State rep in writting and protest the WCE monopoly.

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