Wind Mitigation

Is the NACHI Wind Mitigation Course accepted by the State? I want to make sure that I understand the criteria for qualifications. If a Home Inspector is State Licensed, does the NACHI Course fill the educational requirements or not? I am unclear on what we need to do to make sure that we could fill out the form and not have it rejected. :mrgreen:Thanks for your help in advance.

Hi Paul,

Yes the NACHI course does meet the requirements.

To be honest, to my knowledge there are no approved couses yet for the 3 hour requirement. This was brought up at the meeting on the 1802 in September at the OIR. They were surprised and had no knowledge at that point. They were going to look into the matter and possibly get with DBPR. Before I took Bill York’s latest class I was including a copy of the NACHI wind mitclass with my reports. I haven’t had any yurned down yet. I now include both with my report along with others.