wind mitigation

I have already taken the wind mitigation course and passed it, however, I would like the information on filling out the new Florida Form to make sure that I am doing it correctly. Is the updated verision that different? I do wind mitigations all the time and am already using the new Florida Form. Do I have to re-take this course? Thanks, Paul

please post

You don’t have to but I would suggest it as some things have changed.

If you have done them a bunch in the past then use your interpretation of the form. Many post their opinions here and no matter what you ask you are bound to get a few different answers then take the advice that most represents your case.

Courses are just the opinions of individual instructors.

You may have done enough to use you own judgement plus you can always ask here for others opinions. These reports are subjective and remember it is your name on the bottom of the form.

My opinion is if you have 100 under the old form then you should be able to get by with what you know and the new internachi course plus the opinions of those here.

Save the cabbage :slight_smile: and good luck.