Wind Mitigation

What is the going price for a “Wind Mitigation Inspection” in south Florida?

Cheap .

Check out these great deals :slight_smile:

$40 bucks in some areas:D:D

$15.99, free doughnuts, 4-point, and home inspection! :mrgreen:

Do you want to be known as the cheapest or the best?

Don’t tell Mike Meeker he will lower his price even more

Is it just me, or does Meeker look constipated in the photo on his site?

LOL :o

So should you a 10th person to call, would you pay him $10.00 to do the inspection?

That sure does seem like one heck of a great deal to me.

Always the best deals on insurance inspections :slight_smile:

The real question is what is the going price for one performed correctly, is legible, containing the right documentation, quality pics, and delivered in 24 hours…Oh, and will stand behind the inspection when the underwriter asks a question 6 weeks after the inspection was performed…Almost forgot, and will send you a copy a year later when youv’e lost the original email…

Wind mitigation only is $125 or $100 if ordered with a home inspection. This must be the going rate in South Florida as I stay busy.

All about reputation and reliablity. :smiley:

Anything less than $75 seems too low but certainly would explain the perspective of those that seem to think the form is overly complicated and the insurance industry is just trying to make it hard for the consumer to get credits.

The carriers have to abide by the statutes and form definitions, so should the inspectors. It is a free country you can charge as much or as little as you feel your service is worth. The best price in my mind is one that provides a professional and accurate report and form with no prejudice towards the insurer or insured. This is of course the statutory requirement for inspectors.

I do wonder though, isn’t discussing pricing as an association a form of collusion?

Amen brother. If I could get paid for insruance co calls and re emails etc I could be well off.

Charge more!:mrgreen:

I will if everyone else does.

I was charging $125 to $150 WHEN THE NEW FORM CAME OUT.


About a week. None of my competition raised their prices in fact a few advertised that there would be no change.

Something is worth only what folks are willing to pay for it :neutral:

New agents seeking a copy of a customers wind mit, is our number 1 source for new referrals. My office will have the wind mit emailed to them while they are still on the phone asking for it. :cool:

Feel for you Mike and anyone else in the Dade county market. :roll:

We raised our prices by 30% with the new wind mit. We only had 1 agent complain and stop sending referrals our way. That was February. Last week, the same agent called and is sending us her referrals again. Seems the cheap guys keep getting their inspections rejected. Now she has a bunch of pissed off clients that have to pay for a second inspection. Now she realizes the value of my services.

We stuck to our guns on pricing, and we are slammed.

If others did not change there prices then why did you have drop yours by $110.00

You got no clue and I am not going to explain it to you.

Many here are using what I say and do to compete against me so I no longer comment on some things. No offence intended.

Anyone out of my area want to know call me anytime.