Wind Mitigation

The south Florida market is certainly unique.

Yes…unique is a good description! :mrgreen:

Not like the relaxed area you are in Jay! I have friends that live in Traditions and after a weekend up there, I was skeptical about returning home!

No what you mean. We Left the 305 in 2007 with no regrets.

If it was not for family I would be long gone too.

My friend has been begging me to move up there since he did a year and a half ago. We went up and played golf at PGA National, then my tournament in Sebring last year, then the following weekend, another tournament in Jensen Beach. Real nice. Relaxing.

No, it’s terrible…Recommend you all move farther North…I hear Coco Beach is real nice…Don’t need anymore inspectors here…Can’t find any work…$50 dollar wind mits…Stay away…:slight_smile:


Fear not Jay, if I did move up there, I wouldn’t be doing home inspections! :wink: