Wind Mitigations - Are Plans Accepted as Proof?

Did a wind-mit this morning that had spray foam throughout the attic. The homeowner had the original plans that called for 8D nails @4" O.C. and clips at the wall attachment.

Is this good enough to give them “C” credits and clips on the form?

If you can’t see it then they don’t get anything.

That’s what I was thinking. Thanks for confirming.

If the structure is built within compliance with the Florida Building Code (FBC 2001 or later) then it meets the 8D nails @4" O.C. and clips at the wall attachment. If not FBC then no.

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How about the nail spacing pics you should take?

In my county… If the building meets the FBC and the plans call for proper size and spacing, and… it has been inspected by the county. Then… I’m gonna give the credit, mind you I’ve only had to make this call twice.

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I read a Citizen’s doc somewhere that shows they accept stamped plans in lieu of a permit or visible images.

I would mark it as compliant, attach an image of the plans and add a comment stating it was not visible but stamped plans are attached. Let the underwriter make the call


I would never rely on plans for proper nail spacing and roof to wall attachments if it were my home.

The home was built in 1996 in Duval County

All you can really do is document what you can and attach a copy of the plans. The insurance agent and the agency that they represent will need to determine if the plans will surfice. I doubt it but sometimes they work with the homeowner.

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Well said sir!