Wind mitigations/roofing contractor

Hi guys, has anyone done wind mitigation inspections for roofing companies? Do I need an agreement signed by the roofing company, if they hire me to provide a report for their customers?
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I do not do wind mits, but you need a signed contract/scope of work pre-inspection agreement. Find out who you are working for, that is who signs it.

So, if the roofing company hires me to do a wind mitigation for one of their customers, than roofing company will need to sign the agreement?

Well, you will need to define who the customer is. Ask the roofing company. Are you my customer or is the homeowner? I will need the “customer” to sign.

Hopefully, a FL person will chime in.

Got it now. Thanks for the info and clarification.

The insurance company needs the wind mitigation made out in the Owner’s Name and the Owner’s Property Address. Your agreement with the roofing company has nothing to do with the 1802 Wind Mitigation Form and should be kept separate.


Hi Joseph, that part I get. I was referring to if I needed an agreement with the roofing company since they hired me to do the job for their customer.


Damir, the roofing company just passed the job to you to take care of their client. You’re ‘Client’ is the home owner and they should sign your agreement. Just thank the roofer for sending the work and tell them to keep you on speed dial. I do these all the time and it’s pretty lucrative once the roofer knows you will take care of their customers.

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Thanks Robert that answers my question.

Have a good one.

The 1802 Wind Mitigation form specifically asks for the “Homeowner to complete” the signature.
However, in a purchase situation, since it is for obtaining insurance for the buyer, the buyer can also sign it, even if they are not the homeowner yet.

Yes, the report is for your buyer, they can sign it.

Matters little who pays, the client is the homeowner. Roofing companies refer me and sometimes they pay, sometimes the client pays. The report goes to the homeowner I don’t copy in the roofing company I just say its done if anything.