Wind Mits Hip Roof

Roof on lower right, the back section is non hip.

Then calculate it as such.

Or, get a construction company out there.

Is there a question with that?

May I use this for QOTW?

I was trying to clarify where to start and stop the non hip measurements from?

QOTW ? meaning please?

Give it a shot Bruce!

I would suggest an in-person Wind Mitigation class, as this is a basic function of the roof measurement portion of the training. While those training options at the moment are limited, there are good classes available that can help with the necessary training.

Meantime, I suggest you ask your question with more clarity, and more completeness. Are you asking how to measure a roof’s geometry?

Thanks for the suggestion to take a class. If each roof was the same it would be easier but they are not.

So that’s what this forum is suppose to be about. Helping each other.

I was trying to clarify where to measure the non hip roof from the hip roof. Like where it intersects?
I know you measure the perimeter and divide by the non hip. They intersect.

Thank you for the help.

Maybe you’re overthinking it a bit. Measure the horizontal or linear length of the roof’s edge, and total the amount of “non-hip” features. Use those numbers to calculate the percentage of non-hip.
Where the roof starts to transition is where the hip starts/ends. If the gable (or whatever) measures 30 feet across, that’s your length of that specific non-hip feature. You may have multiple non-hip features to add up.

I believe that’s what’s happening here…trying to help.

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Thank You and Have a Happy Easter.