Wind Mits on Townhomes

I’m a new home inspector and am needing info on Wind Mit on town homes. I have completed the Wind Mit course and have my first Wind Mit inspection request. It is a town home. My question is “Does a Wind Mit on a town home qualify for reduced rates on insurance?” I don’t want to waste the homeowners money if it would not help. The town home is a two story unit with a gable roof that was put on in 2006 and there are no opening protections. Not sure yet on roof to wall attachment, but it was built in 1985, so probably not great.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Sorry Glen, I don’t live in FL and only know about baseball mits. :grin: :+1: :upside_down_face:

A townhome can have a Wind Mitigation Verification Form completed.

And you are not there to issue credits, or to provide discounts, only to verify the construction details as listed on the form. Any applicable discounts are up to the underwriter.


If the town home is set up with an HOA that pays for the property insurance, with a blanket property policyas many of them do, then the owner of the townhome would not have a “homeowners insurance policy” only a contents policy in which case he/she would not derive any benefit from a wind mit.
Ask agent or homeowner who pays for the insurance.
Rod Ruple

The HOA insurance will not cover any windstorm damages inside the unit.
So if you’re getting more than contents coverage you’ll require one.