Wind scouring

A friend has purchased a home on the east coast of Canada in an area that can experience 100 to 132 mph winds driven off of the Atlantic ocean. This salt laden wind scours the paint off of the wooden siding, requiring constant maintenance of the painted surfaces.

Does anyone know of a product that could be used which is designed to withstand this kind of abuse?

Look at DuPont Imron products or their other industrial paints…they may have a solution. In Canada call 1-800-668-6945 or try

I think the lesson to be learned is: don’t paint it.

With those winds I would be concerned about the house blowing away. negating the need for painting. :wink:

Would that friend’s first name be “Don”?


Paint? Siding? What kind of product is he looking for?

He’s looking for paint alternatives at the moment, as he wants to preserve the traditional wood siding construction of the house. (It’s located in a historic picture post-card area). However, if he can’t find a paint solution, I suspect he will entertain alternate siding products.