Wind Storm Certified Inspector

For those in Texas (specifically by the coast). Does anyone have any information regarding becoming wind certified inspector? As a licensed inspector is this something worth looking into for added services? Is there a need down in this part of the country? Are there classes that I can take to educate myself on becoming certified? Any and all information you can provide would be very helpful. Thanks!!

As far as I know an engineer is required

TDI handles the Texas Windstorm Inspection Program and you can find info here . Not being in a high wind area I’m not sure if there are any other State laws regarding who can or can not act/advertise as an Inspector for proper wind storm provisions.

Under your TREC license there is no specific requirement for you to inspect for proper windstorm protection. Also under your TREC license you can exceed that if you choose. One place to start with educating yourself is with the Building Codes and sections dealing with high wind provisions. Another good place for training are the Simpson Strong-Tie training sessions and online training courses. They gear their courses around the building codes and engineering practices and quite frankly they have awesome training!

Other than that you would need to search for other training providers or sources. Possibly look at the Florida sites dealing with 4 point inspections to see if they provide links to any training.

Good luck on expanding to that service as they do need it down there in your area!

The Florida 4 point stuff would be useless. What kind of stuff is inspected or done in Texas? Do they have a wind mitigation form for insurance discounts like Florida? What training does Simpson have? I would be interested in that just to have the knowledge, any links?

You would need to check the Texas TDI site for inspection requirements or speak with a Texas Inspector/Engineer/or other in the wind areas for what they inspect. In North Texas we are not considered a high wind area and do not have the same build requirements.

For the Simpson training check out their WEB site here . They have workshops at various places around the country and also online training. It is based around the building codes and their products but all is relevant no matter whose products are used.

Thanks I’ll check out the Simpson stuff :slight_smile:

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