WindMit Requirements Change?

I did a Home Inspection & Wind-Mit as requested by my client. I just received an email asking if I was a architect or engineer or building code official. I told him I was not but there is a section for home inspectors on the Wind-Mit form. He stated he will not get a discount if its done by a home inspector. He provided me another form which his insurance company gave him. “Florida Peninsula Insurance Company.” There is no section for a Home Inspector to sign off. Thus not allowing any Wind-Mit credits according to the insurance. The form is Florida Building Code Shutter Mitigation Verification Affidavit. So now my Wind-Mit is invalid for this insurance company and my client is forced to hire the insurance company engineer. Great!
Comments anyone? :frowning:

My sources tell me Florida Peninsula accepts the regular form… I just double checked with her. Can you please post a copy of what you have? I would like to research more. tx.

Condominium policies (HO6) policies do not generally grant wind mitigation credits to the insured’s individual unit policies, only the master association building policy. Most companies allow them to be used for shutter verification as most companies are filed to give a shutter discount. That said, it is up to each individual company and their own underwriting rules as to what form is used for the shutter credit and who can qualify it. If the agent is saying the above, then the client will need one of the above to validate their shutter discount. Sorry

Here is the form the OP is referring to (CIT-26). Citizens has replaced this with a newer form on their site. I always understood these forms to be used on commercial (non-residential) buildings, but never checked into this since I can’t sign one either. Maybe others would know more about this.

oh! I was under the impression from the post he was referring to a specific form from Florida Peninsula…

Robert, I am guessing you inspected a Condo?

We do 1802 forms on condos all day every day… perhaps the insurance agent is using the Type II form for the policy and just needs the shutter form… to verify shutters for the insured.

The inspection was for a single family House. The form is attached which states its a affidavit for storm shutters. The insurance company told my client that they can not use the Wind-Mit Form if you want a discount it would be this attached form.
What I should of done is ask the client for the insurance company info and speak to them directly.

Robert, was the home newer than 3/1/02?

Looks like others are using this form:

I would be curious why they would use a 10 year old form vs the newest wind mit form? Maybe so that only their “buddies” can do the inspections? :wink:

looks lilke now that Citizens is shedding policies that the rules may be changing in the insurance industry.

File a complaint against the insurance company with the office of insurance regulation. Also, see Florida Statute 627.11. The statutes provides for which licensees are authorized to conduct wind mitigation inspections. Provided you are one of those licensees and have complied with the statutes requirements for training, the insurance company is required to either accept your report as a valid wind mit- or - pay for another inspection at their expense. Either way, I would file a complaint with the OIR if you have met the requirements.

Yes 2003

That was exactly what I was thinking!

Robert, it could be as simple as not wanting/needing the full wind mit because of the age of the home. (The auto applied credits) so the insurance agent just wants the shutter verification form…

Not what most agents here do… but there is always two or more ways to skin a cat.:roll:

Was there verifiable opening protection installed? Was it a hip roof? Was the roof underlayment verified as self-adhered. If none of these attributes exist, then the standard WM will not be effective anyway on a FBC built structure.

Did some checking, here’s what I found. FYI, after a Google search, found same form labeled CIT-26 7/2004. Have to belive this means a Citizens Insurance form.

Called Fl Insurance Commission - they said they don’t madate nor regulate the forms used but were not familiar with this form.
Called Citizens and they noted they could not find any such form in their system. The lady I spoke with noted that with the form being so old (2004), she highly doubted it was being used in any way, shape or form. She did confirm, the only form approved for Citizens, for residential wind mits, is the CIT-1802 Jan 2013.

Further, E-How.Com notes that the form was intended to be completed when the shutters are installed by the company performing the installation to ensure compliance with code. So why do we have permits and building inspectors? Because we all know this is done every time - LOL!

Point back to the noted insurance company would be… If you only require this “Shutter” form be completed, how do you verify the roof cover, flashing, roof deck attachment, etc. These are not on the form. Maybe this shutter form is an add on and is no longer your issue. Sorry for the length but I felt it pertinent. FYI, I have a WM Fri for a home with new shutters, also in FLA-Tampa area.

One additional note - Citizens noted as a private insurance company, they can implement any form they desire. Doesn’t mean the entire state is or will go that route. FL Insurance Commission # 850-413-3140 and Citizens General #866-411-2742.

Guess what they have to accept the OIR form from any qualified inspector. If not they have to send someone on their dime that is the law. Can this thread die already please…

Lordy lordy Steve and I are agreeing. No inspector should take any crap and doing as Steve suggested “ALWAYS” gets results. At least it seems to every time I have done similar. It always seems to end the bulls h i t immediately.

The problem is ALWAYS insurance folks that do not know crap and think they do. Once put in their place the problems go away :slight_smile: My experience only.

To refute what Steve Taylor posted, if it is a condominium policy, the state statutes for wind mitigation do not apply as it is not an HO3,HO4 type risk policy. You are insuring drywall in. You can file as many complaints as you want but its just wasting time. You are not applying wind mitigation discounts as most to all condo HO6 forms do not grant those discounts. Fl Peninsula filed for a non-mitigation discount which they are calling a shutter discount likely of x% and with that filing goes a form that they submitted and was approved by the OIR that states how the client can get that discount, and if in their filing, it does not say that a wind mitigation form can be used in place of their form to obtain that discount, then it’s that simple. If that Fl Pen form mandates Home Inspectors cannot complete and only building official/engineer, then the client will have to pay one of those entities for the shutter credit.

See post #6 from original poster.