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This will help you understand more about how thermal pane windows are made, how they fail, types of glass damage and the choices available for repair.

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There is a company here in Canada, Crystal Clear (not Crystallaire), that has similar product or may be a branch operation of the US one. Their prices are about 50% of the cost of a new glass unit installed…seems they have you between a rock and a hard place. A large window may cost you $400-$500+ for 1/2 to an hour’s work. If I was younger, I probably be giving it a good lookover for the potential of the market!!

edit: The prices in the above article are different than we were told at an HI presentation here about 2 years ago. This sounds a bit more reasonable.

Yet another edit: found the promo stuff they’d sent me 8 weeks or so ago- cost= $15-$20/sq ft…so that 6x5 picture window is going to be $450-$600!!

Sorry. Forgot the company’s correct name; couldn’t find it on the web. Old age!! As Mae West or Bette Davis said: “Growing old ain’t for sissies!”

Cheaper to replace the glass unit yourself. I had to when the glazier kept failing to show up and the glass shop offered me the “no-install” option. It was only $30 for a large double-paned unit (probably 4 feet square), custom made-to my exact specifications. No low E but I had no E anyway.