Window Disaster!

This photo from Sunday’s inspection may not show much, but it’s one of 10 windows that need to be replaced on a 13 year old home. Every window in the home has defective or non-existent flashings all the way around. I got suspicious the moment I left my truck. The Tramex went ballistic especially at window headers. The client’s are fully aware that the cavities may contain a surprise.


Hi Erol,

You have a picture with the TI Cam?

Would be interesting to see.

Oh…and I’m sure glad you stuck with us here…!!

Hi Dale,
Never wanted to leave, received an eviction notice. :shock:

No TI inspection on this one.

Happy New Year!

We see many window problems across the country. Without knowing exactly what this looks like It may not be the solution, but in the future we have a unigue panning solution. 80% of the time we don’t need to change the windows. see

Good luck!

How about installing them correctly in the first place.
Then no alternative components are required.

Your right. That would be great if contractors did it right the first time but, as an alternative to replacement after years of problems we apply our panning solution.

Do the alterative sill components work on headers? Please view #1 post

Damsill is placed underneath the window to capture any mositure which passes through the window and has weeps to drawing outward. The website has an installation demonstration.