Window FUBAR?

This is the lower portion of a double-glazed, fixed, tempered, window above a tub in a bathroom. The bathroom has been remodeled and there is now a tile wall. I’ve never put in a window like this. What’s the track in the bottom for?

092909 259.JPG

Looks like part of the old window frame to me.
May have been part of of a triple track.

Somehow it all looks jury rigged.

I like the sealant job (not)

I suspect it was added as a joint filler… its hard to see if its a moulded joint. I have never that type of configuration on a window. Did they temper the glass?


see these quite a bit in florida. the extrussion on the inside serves 3 purposes (1) makes the frame ridgid so that it will test meet applicable design preasures (2) catch window condensation and (3) most importantly a space to attach the window to the substate. the window in your picture has the attachments installed in the glazing bead on the weathered side of the opening. if it is not leaking now it will at some point

Looks like an alluminum sub-sill mis-installed to me. :slight_smile: