Window installation

How many of you guys/gals write up windows/doors that do not have backer rod and sealant joints around them?

Everyone should…

What about where smart trim/siding comes in contact with masonry/stone/brick/stucco/concrete/faux stone?

They never heard of Backer Rod in southern Arizona.

The last time I asked a Carpenter he looked at me like a dog hearing a loud shrill, cocked his head, and said, no speeki-engi…:smiley:

They staple moist stop around them…thats it here.

:shock: Be carefull Dale I got in trouble in the metal roof post when I mentioned burrito!
I was told it was a raceist remark or something along those lines!

That is to bad I guess. I don’t have anything against anyone. I just often wonder how they interpret the building plans if they cannot read…:shock:

It’s all in the [interpretation] I was just referring to lunch! I went to a siminar with a city codes official leading the program and he didn’t know about the backer rod and sealant around the windows!

What sealant are you referring to…in back of the nail fin?

The sealant goes on top of the Duct Tape that is installed over the Nailing Fin.


Duck tape!!!

Good one Joe…that is a true story also…:smiley:

They staple 12" Moist-Stop around windows and doors here, sometimes it is in back of the window…other times in front. Depends on whether or not the installer can read the directions on the front of it…:smiley:

Serving the public in Oregon and SW Washington for many years to come and some Installation did not have backer rod and sealant joints around them. Know more about replacement windows Portland.