Window issue or new kids slide?

This picture does not even show it all the way open .
Anyone have literature on a hopper window opening allowance?

They were all like this.

Code inspector must have allowed it eh?..but hats off if you can read that poster on the wall.

You shouldn’t trust the government if they’re allowing windows like THAT! Wow!

I agree.
This is a major hi rise downtown and was dizzy being near them.

Just found this link which seems to state 4 inches though a “Code” would be nice.

Funny thing this was a rental turned condo building and they have clips for screens on the outside frame but the cheap kind that would allow screens to fall.(no screens though).

OK ,update.
I just spoke with Mark who owns the site I linked.
He says it should be 4 inches based on manufactures safety recomendations however even he does not know present hi rise code for Chicago on window opening limits as much of the crud Chicago pushes is political rather than safety based.

So the answer to the Poster is No!
I would like to see the Architect on this design for a high rise building, it falls into the category “What was I thinking.”

You got it.
One of the other issues was it has the only laundry in any of the units.
Hope they check those permits as I doubt they ran any special drain pipe.(near kitchen)

Too tight to check though I saw a drywall cutout and yes it was a condenser unit.

nice work BOB.
Maybe Dale Duffy would be better equipped to help?

I still think it is great idea to have them be adjustable to open wider.
Just encase you do not like that new dog you brought home is popping on the floor.
Sorry everyone.
I forgot the visual.

Good boy!!!

Easy guys i was only kidding, wow!!