Window needed?

Newer home has a large media room above the garage without a window. Stairs is adequate for egress. Is a window required in every room?

Yes (in Ontario) and without looking at the BC The only way around this is (if I’m not mistaken)if a skylight is installed.


In your area, does that mean every type of room? Just curious. What about say a 1/2 bath or powder room in the middle of the house? or is there a room size that needs a window?

Yes the room needs a window for a second means of egress. Also the room is required to have 8% natural light and 4% vent. A skylight would work for light and vent if operable but it would not provide a second way out. Every room room does not require a window like a bathroom or laundry room do not require a window but they do require enough mechanical ventilation to provide 12 air changes an hour. (cubic feet / 12 = min. cfm fan). I hope that helps.

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A skylight doesn’t work with the UBC. Rooms without exterior egress are considered closets or storage rooms.


I don’t know why but I was thinking of bedrooms and no a window is not required for bathrooms,basements,laundry rooms, or a kitchen as long as electric lighting is provided.

The Ontario Building Code states that; The unobstructed glass area of a door or skylight is considered equivalent to that of a window.

Table Bedrooms (if electric lighting is provided) 5% of area served.

The 5% glass area required can be a skylight.


I guess that I should have stayed away from this question I just noticed that Al is from the U.S. Our codes are similar here but in this case not.

According to the IRC (Section R303) natural light and ventilation is not required if the space is mechanically ventilated and if artificial light at a certain intensity level is provided. Emergency escape and rescue openings are required only in basements with habitable space, and in sleeping rooms. The media room described needs no windows or egress openings if it meets those requirements.