Window Question

This seems to be a generic problem on a lot of the one year warranty inspections that I do. At first I thought it might be too much spray foam but then I realized that the painting and caulking takes place long after the spray foaming is done. Any ideas?

Window caulking.jpg

See that all the time and if there is nothing in way of issues such as water intrusion I simply recommend it be re caulked.
Shrinkage occurs over time.

Bob’s right, the jamb extensions likely shrunk and pulled away from the vinyl window. Same idea in why you probably see lots of nail pops in the drywall in the first couple of years And why do we call them “nail” pops…? Nobody uses nails for drywall anymore…

That coupled with contractors grade caulk.


Msight have been a cheap caulk and shrinkage, but the stool should have been installed higher than the bottom of the replacement window. Or the replacement window should of been measure properly. :slight_smile:

Strange that it always occurs at the bottom rather than at the top or sides though.

Hmmm,must be something with water and gravity.We all sag with age.:slight_smile:

No sags here Bob. :mrgreen::wink:

Fact #1… Most contractors make the rough opening too large

Fact #2… They love to solve #1 with all the shims at the bottom

Looks like a lack of shimming at time of installation . IMO :roll:

Fact #3… If those are replacement windows… this solves everything…



Not to mention the lovely look of raw “Great Stuff” hehe.

The only thing I use that for is making molds.eeech.

It makes an awesome foundation repair/sealant!!! :shock::roll::p:mrgreen:

If you have gaps in the foundation big enough for the big gap stuff, you have other issues at hand. :mrgreen:

A little caulk and a little paint… makes a carpenter what he ain’t. (Sorry Marcel).