Window Trim

What you think about this window, MDF and quarter round.

Look at the nails. The MDF has already sucked moisture 'til it swelled around the nails. Poor material covering up some other mistake would be my thought.

MDF is not recommended as an exterior material !!

Hell I don’t recommend it as an interior material, it’s like a sponge even hi humidity makes it swell.

I know, it is amazing!!! Thanks!

No way to tell if flashed properly though.

Designed to last as long as it takes the installer to get out of the driveway and down the street.

I think it is probably leaking.

What is supposed to be behind that wood.?

What do you think is behind that wood or should I say sawdust and glue.?

Lets pull out the diagrams.:slight_smile:

Some times it appears to be flashed!

I wonder what this one looks like now!

Good one Carl…:slight_smile:

But how many look like this?

Thanks Bob.

Face applied trim to T-111, guaranteed it is leaking. No signs of flashing there. :slight_smile: