Window well help for Newb

Should all window wells have 36" clearance from the home or is that just for egress window wells? Obviously there is a lot wrong here but I didn’t know if I should also recommend a 36" opening

There’s no requirement.

Thank u sir

That’s not an egress window so you could simply put glass block with a vent and meet code requirements.

From the IRC


Not necessary.

Window wells.

  • Window wells are created with small retaining walls that keep the earth away from windows that are at or below grade.
  • Window wells may be concrete or a corrugated steel shell. Chemically treated wood is sometimes used; however, it should be avoided in termite prone areas.
  • Window wells should be large enough to allow light in and should allow for easy cleaning of the window and well.
  • Re-grading work to drain surface water away from the home may create the need for window wells, as the grade level is often raised around the foundation.
  • Window wells are recommended when the outside window sill is 6 or less inches at grade.