Windows 8 Thoughts

Well…looks like the end of the Windows OS that we know of…

What is everyone’s first reaction ? An OS that in essence dominated the market for decades I think is coming to an end. All the apps out there will need to be rewritten. Windows is going down the path of replacing their OS with the Zune Windows Phone 7 OS instead…what a bold and daring move…at least on anything portable it makes sense…not sure about desktop machines.

If the system works like they say, it should solve most compatiblilty problems with mobile devices, desktops and software.

Jeff are you working for Fox news. Now. Lol

this article is BS… that is not the entire OS… there is still a Win7 interface for non-tablet users… CNN please update this.

I use smart tabs app with Chrome which is like that and great.

K. I. S. S

This video shows how it works

Close to how I am designing my next website.

Bob…I think the point is that it is the direction Microsoft is going with their OS. The Windows OS that we know of and LOVE:mrgreen: will be history in a few years. I said this over 10 years ago that the Windows OS made no sense on anything portable (laptop, tablet, handheld) and that it should only be for desktop and server machines. My 2 cents…wait I need to shake my crystal ball again.

Who loves?:stuck_out_tongue:
Not me as I have always found Microsoft anything to be confusing.
I never even figured out how to operate Outlook yet as the damn directions for all their software are in need of an interpreter to figure out.

I am new to computers and have no training so give me WYSIWYG.

I don’t know about Windows, but I’ve already ditched Microsoft Office. Went with IBM Lotus Symphony (free).


Does it have anything like One Note?

Jeff here is an excerpt from the Chicago Tribune…,0,600431.story

For example, one press of a Windows button switches back and forth between the Metro experience and the desktop experience. Windows 8, in a sense, has two interfaces.

In other words, Microsoft is betting that people want a full PC experience on the go and a tablet-like experience on their PCs. That’s very different from the approach by Apple or Google, which build two separate operating systems for PCs and mobile devices.

That is what Jeff is saying. Microsoft is wanting to do away with some many different operating systems to learn for different devices.

Not really what he said ,but I will play along.

It is still 2 operating systems…just on the same device…can you say…bloatware. Not good especially on the portable devices…as you said…K.I.S.S.:stuck_out_tongue:

Well you know more about code stuff but they know more than you so maybe there is some radical new system involving a virtual overlay that takes up less space.
I recall the article saying even older computers booted up in 10 seconds on the beta.

I got some swamp land to sell also. Interested ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it can go one of two ways.
The down slide of Microsoft will continue or this will bring them back.
We shall see.

Thought you liked Dead Tech…:slight_smile:

So it’s Windows 7 with an added interface for mobile devices. Seems like a logical step forward but nothing ground breaking since it can be turned off.

I think its the best right now!!!

SO do us developers for mobile devices write the app for the mobile OS or the Windows 7 OS ? or both ?