Windows falling out of the house!

How can this be getting by the city codes officials?

i am doing draw inspections on a new house that the wiring is not fastened anywhere, no staples, no romex connectors, a lot of the knockouts missing from the service panel, wires so short they barely reached the switch boxes and receptacles! How could this possibly get by the code inspector? Easy, he’s the electrician too.

When you turn in the draw report, photos, etc., report in the comments section (or send separate email if no comments section included) that there are problems with the way the electrical is being done, and describe the problems.

We looked at one house the contractor didn’t strap the support posts to the exterior porch beams (12’ height). My teachers told me to notify the mortgage company that the house needs to be inspected prior to closing. You don’t want to perform the insp, and are not asking for the job; but to insure structural integrity, electrical integrity, etc.

Be sure to mail and get a return signed receipt to cover your back.

i was told by someone in a high position to let it go, this conversation was recorded.

When I first started doing draws I reported how poor the construction was. I was told that the banks and mortgage companies don’t want to know. They just want the job done so they can release funds and move on. There is so much poor construction out there it’s sad. Home owner’s are getting screwed from all sides and nobody besides some of the home inspectors it seems, want to help them. But nobody wants to listen to us.

I got it, I got it

In Kansas and Missouri, where the Missouri Association of Realtors and Kansas Association of Realtors are dedicated to pushing legislation to license home inspectors, the states do not license builders or the contractors they hire.

Additionally, the same state where the MAR pushes to exercise control over those who could break their deal, they actually lobby against the licensing of builders and contractors, to keep building costs low/profits high.

Additionally, for the same reasons they lobby against licensing builders and contractors, the MAR and KAR lobby against statewide building codes and enforcement.

Accordingly, building code enforcers of the municipal code “enforced” in Kansas City turn in reports - daily - for over 200 inspections per day. That is how something like that can get past city code officials.

jb i really wish you would stop being so vague and tell us how you truly feel about licensing and re agents. inquiring minds want to know? :wink:


I like real estate salesmen. I have a son who is one and I regularly receive emails and phone calls from various salesmen throughout the state who agree with my position and feel that their association, the Missouri Association of Realtors, is way out of bounds.

Most of the salesmen who have contacted me were appalled to learn of HB 324 in 2007, where their association was attempting to make it legal for them to conceal their knowledge of a nearby registered sex offender from their client.

Like many of the decent real estate salesmen in Missouri, I oppose the efforts of the Missouri Association of Realtors to attempt to take control of home inspectors by legislation.

Go here for more particulars on this.

i was just kidding.

Stop feeding people’s paranoia Ken.:slight_smile:

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It could be worse!

How many call out the lack of sealant joints between windows and other materials?

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