Winter hats

My family wants to get me something for Christmas, but I have everything .
So! I told them I wanted either one of these hats… I want to use them when I go fishing this winter…
Which one do you like thanks…

Wool Ushanka

Or the …

The Wool Aviator shape was inspired by the air force but made for civilian style. This style features a neck protector panel along with earlaps that can be up or down. The straps on the earlap fasten using D-Rings. The crown is Melton wool with high qual

One of those would be very useful today.

My old Kangol trapper hat has seen it’s better days.

Wool Ushanka :slight_smile:

I’m thinkin’ the same thing…

Go bold! Genuine nutria!

You would be the talk of town with one of these :wink:

I expected this to happen, but which one of the hats do you prefer?

Yep, in camel color.

It’ll get darker as you smoke your cigars. :smiley:

I like the looks of the USHANKA


Would probably buy the aviator because it has a brim if fishing during daylight hours.

I like this WOOL AVIATOR:

I wouldn’t know if I was coming or going, which happens to me sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually Roy, I like the dark plaid one a lot. I may put it on my list too!

Thanks everyone.

I have two of the Ushanka’s. One in tan for everyday and Sunday go meeting and one in blaze orange for hunting. Very warm if it isn’t too cold out but I like the fact I can wear it above the ears or even half down just covering part of my ears. So my thoughts are go with the Ushanka much better looking overall.

Here’s my go to hat. I’m into snazzy, screw keeping my ears warm.

Paul Hat.jpg

You’d look real cute in one of those pink pusy hats against the white beard backdrop. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL :lol:

Shut Up both of you!:smiley: