Winter Wonderland

A few days ago I complained about the ice, but the next day when the sun came out it had left some interesting sights. My wife took some pictures and asked me to share them with you folks.

These are especially for the folks in California and Aridzona, and such places, who have never experienced a good old-fashioned ice storm. We had an inch and half thick solid sheet if ice over 4 inches of snow. It took a while to dig my pick-em-up out of the mess, and now we’re getting another 4 to 5 inches on top of all that!

Click on “slideshow” and enjoy…

The weather guy says that we may actually see 40 degrees next week. We have been down around zero and below for one or two weeks with highs in the teens. That’s all right for January, it’s expected then…but this February and I gotta think about starting seeds for the gardens. Hopefully, it’ll start an uphill temperature climb…

Very nice. (to steal a line from mark t)

I am sitting here in shorts bare feet and a t shirt. its sunny and 80 outside. But the snow looks great too.

I’m not in Arizona, but Spring has definitely arrived here. Blooming daffodils already. While I grew up in Ohio, I am sure glad I don’t live there. I do remember those nasty ice storms. One in particular was on top of the heavy blizzard of 1954. I was thrilled because I got out of school for an extra two weeks.
Jae, it looks like you have some interesting gardens. We also spend a lot of time gardening; 6000 sq. ft. vegetable garden, 20 tree orchard, 1.3 acres of perennial gardens (includes a 110’ by 60’ pond). Hang on, Spring will be there soon.