Winter in the Ohio Valley was rather nice this year–it came on

It has been unseasonably warm–40’s and 50’s all January, and except
for Wednesday"s 2-3 inches of snow it is still continuing to be warm.

Now, I want to know who hi-jacked Winter. After all, we only get one chance at it each year, and if some scoundrel has absconded with it,
what should I do with my snow blower? The poor thing thing looks so
lonely in the garage–standing at the ready (put me in, coach).

The Old Farmer, Al Maniac (or is that Old Farmers Almanac?) said the
temperature for January was going to be 8 degrees below normal.

Did I sleep through it?–is it March already?–who won the Superbowl,
Denver or Carolina?–why aren’t my tulips up yet?

See, I’m so confused…me and JD are gonna curl up and let the rest
of the world go by.

If anyone has any answers to what’s happened with Winter–keep them
to yourself–I’mmmmZZZZZZZZZZzzzzz…

and to think we are off to Florida soon…I will be back in March so I hope to miss the Ohio cold:)

Seattle stole winter.

We have tons of snow in the mountains. (didn’t have squat last year) And we have had enough rain for everybody. So if you like splashing in mud puddles, fixing leaky roofs and watching a downpour, come on over. We have wind gusts and temperatures going from cold to mild so there is a variety. As the weathermen say:
Monday : sprinkles with a bit of wind
Tuesday: showers with a possible sun break (ha!)
Wednesday: drizzle with no wind
Thursday: Torrential Downpour (we are not kidding)
Friday: Floods and more rain
Saturday: Heavy rain with gusts up to 50 miles per hour
Sunday: A bit of sun with the Seahawks winning the game

But, you see, you’re getting “bits of sunshine”. We’re getting
whole days of sunshine. We don’t do that here–not in January.
We’ve barely been below the freezing mark (just a few times),
let alone those “single digits” and “below zero farenheit” days.
We generally will measure the month’s sunshine in hours, not days.
I’ve been here 40 years and have not seen this much warm in

I will trade you!

My wife tried to trade me–couldn’t get any takers.

I just Love you!
Not in that scary stalker sort of way so not to worry.
When I read your posts they all give me a good chuckle.