wire baseboard moulding

As I am in learning stages any and all replies are appreciated.

If a condo has wires running on the bottom behind the baseboard in an electrical wire moulding baseboard what would be options if a homeowner wanted to put traditional baseboards?

a. Could you use a raceway? Does that provide protection? or
b. Do you have to use the already existing baseboard electrical moulding?

This is a question I am asking because I see sometimes in older homes/condos the wire moulding and then different unmatched moulding where new flooring is installed. Therefore, to match all the baseboards how can that be achieved?.
Thank you

If they are wanting to remove the electrical raceway and install wood molding they would need to run the wires in the interior of the wall/ceiling cavity or another approved electrical raceway.

So is a channel raceway wire mould what would be an option? Wood baseboard, then that just above?

Thank you .