Wire color

Anybody ever see copper turn like this?

This panel was in a garage. What do you think caused it?

Have no idea, your talking about the orange almost chalky dull look to it? Never seen it before.

How close to the ocean is the house?

How old is the house?

I mile form the ocean and build in 1996. I have a good idea and this is why I share. I am hoping someone would confirm my theory.

I would say salt then…the reason I asked the age…is because when contractors remediate Chinese Drywall Houses, instead of removing the wire, they either just trim it or if there is not enough room they use a cleaner to get the black color off. If there is a way to get around stuff, man people sure can think of it.

Pictures of the garage.

Some cleaning liquid vapors commonly used for boat hull cleaning will affect metals like that. The owner may have also left his garage door open a lot and let more salty air in.

I am thinking urine.

John I think yer-in the right thought process. I have been in many homes on the beach and not seen oxidation on wires yet. But light bulbs will corrode in the fixture

What did the house smell like???

What did the wires taste like?

Smelled fine, it was only in the garage, there were no dogs and the garage door was open when I arrived.

You are always the funny guy… like chicken of coarse. :stuck_out_tongue:

It actually looks like Aluminum SE cable.

That’s because it is. :slight_smile:

Type SER to be exact.

Thread drift alert:

Are you saying that the only proper way to remediate Chinese drywall is to replace all the house wiring?

Thread drift continues…

I do not believe that Imported Drywall remediation requires electrical replacement. I think it will take 20 years to prove it though.