wire size

I am getting ready to run underground service wire from my meter base to my new home. What gauge wire does this need to be for a 400 amp service?

What material do you propose to use for the conductors?

I assume you will have two 200 amp main panels.

Each 200 amp panel would be fed with 4/0 aluminum or 2/0 copper.

Why is your meter base not mounted on the house?

Is this a 400A service or a 320A service?

Will the load side of the meter be in parallel, or just one set of service conductors?

Why don’t you hire an electrician? There are some do-it yourself jobs and there are some hire a professional jobs. This is a hire a professional job.

I gotta agree with Mark, if you need to ask the question, you should hire someone qualified to do the job.



Check with your city/town zoning dept. Even though 2/0 is acceptable for 200 amp service, they might require 3/0. By the way, if your POCO suspects an amateur job, they won’t install the meter can (at least around here).


Much of Ill., especially Chicagoland, lives in a whole different world electrically.

Please explain! What do you mean?

If your pondering the gauge you really need to hire the job out to a licensed professional. I’m sure you could do the job, just as sure as you could fix your own teeth- some things are just better off done by professionals.